Friday, October 31, 2008

Comments are back, but...

I am once again accepting comments on my posts. Just in case you noticed that I hadn't been for a few days (other than the posts where I forgot to turn them off). Not that you have to comment.... but you can now if you want.

I'm not sure I will be responding to each and every comment anymore though. I have always tried to at least acknowledge most comments people make, because I appreciate that anyone would think to leave a comment. and I might still. but if I don't, please don't take it personally. I'm trying to create a little "space" between me and the blog. Not that it's not still important to me, but it is NOT my real life. I have tried to be mindful of others and update it regularly, but I've also tried to limit the number of posts so as not to overwhelm anyone. Now... it's just going to come however. People can read it or not read it. As I've said earlier, I have made a lot of friends on here, and you are all important to me. So that's why I am rambling this little ramble right now.

Gotta do the treadmill now though.

Peace out; and in.