Friday, October 03, 2008

Vp debate

I wasn't going to mention the debate last night (and I don't plan to blog my thoughts on the remaining presidential debates), but I know everyone wants to know what I think (ha ha). And, I wanted to post this cool (though slightly outdated) button I saw on Mike's blog. :) So...

I would compare last night's debate to a Nascar race that had no crashes or pit fights; or a 1-0 baseball game. I thought it was pretty boring, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was bad. I wasn't really all that familiar with Sen. Biden, and I have to say that I came away fairly impressed by him as a candidate and a politician. As much as I don't like politics, that doesn't mean all politicians are bad people. In fact, most are probably very good people. Sen. Biden came across as real and down-to-earth, and also someone who knows his stuff. I thought he did a good job of presenting Sen. Obama's plans (something we still haven't heard much from the other camp), and he tried to set the record straight on some things about Sen. McCain (what exactly does it mean to be a maverick?).

As far as Gov. Palin... let me say first off that I actually prayed for her yesterday. I don't know that it made any difference, but I wanted you to know that I am not a total cad. :) There was a lot of pressure on her, and I did want her to do well and not be overcome by the weight of the situation. She probably did better than I expected and I am happy for her. However, I still don't think she is capable of serving as Vice-President - much less as President should that need arise - of the most powerful nation in the world. And, if I can be totally transparent here... I just have to say that I cannot stand her voice and her 'personality.' But that's just me - it's a personal thing. And, this whole bit about her being "one of us." Well, first off, I don't think she's much like me. But also, I don't know that I necessarily want someone like me making decisions on matters of international concern anyway. I would hope for someone with a little more knowledge and expertise.

So, overall, I don't think either vp candidate "lost" the debate for their party. As one reporter said, "Gov. Palin made herself look better, but probably not John McCain." It probably won't surprise anyone that I think Sen. Biden won. He was calm, cool, and confident. Gov. Palin had some facts wrong, and... if the fact that she didn't totally screw up means she did good... I'm not sure that says a whole lot. I would also add that, even though Gov. Palin tried to get a little snarky on a couple occasions, I liked the tone of this debate much better than the first presidential one. They were both cordial and pleasant. So that's my fairly biased and uneducated take on the thing.

Peace out, folks; and in.