Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello, it's me

Yesterday seems like such a long time ago. I hope tomorrow gets here soon. I remember thinking that to myself.

I missed a whole day being sick. Oh, nothing serious. Just a cold and sinus thing. But I was pretty much incapacitated. Never to the point that I thought Todd was God, but I basically didn't get off the couch all of Tuesday (other than checking messages and a bit of paperwork).

I tried to read a bit. First from Willards 'The Divine Conspiracy.' It was much too heavy. So I picked up Scot McKnight's 'The Blue Parakeet.' I read the front and back cover and some of the intro stuff. It looks like just my kind of book, but I couldn't focus enough. I might place this ahead of TDC though.

About 10 am I turned on the boob tube. American Beauty was just coming on. I had never seen it, but have always liked Kevin Spacey, and since I was able to see it from the beginning, it was at that point I decided it was going to be a couch day. It was an interesting movie. I liked it.

After that I needed to take my glasses off. That's the worst thing about colds and eyeglasses, they aggravate the nasal passages and cause one to sneeze way too much. So I took some of the night-time cold medicine and me and Bogie napped. The next thing I know it's almost 5:30 and Jane is coming home. Nice nap.

I was pretty well shot the rest of the night too. I blew my nose and sneezed so many times I thought I was about to launch. I had a mighty face-ache and some serious eye drainage going on too. I took some kind of mucus pills, some robitussin cough and sinus syrup, some nyquil, tylenol, and it seems like something else (not all at once). And loads of water, seven up, and hot tea with honey-lemon halls.

Today was much better. My head seems to be shrinking some. I didn't blow my nose or sneeze near as much. I worked a nine to five, and was actually able to get quite a bit done. I had to stay focused though. Distractions seemed to let the headache back in.

Of course yesterday was 61 F and sunny, and today - while it has been warm - was a torrential downpour all day. Almost all the snow is now gone (even the piles), but now the yard and parking lot are all under water.

I've been lysolling the heck out of doorknobs, keypads, handles, remotes, and whatnot. I hope m'lady can stay germfree.

So... that's basically ...something/anything? (hint).

Btw, the title was originally released by the band Nazz.

Peace out; and in.