Friday, October 08, 2010

Mowing babies and not on tv dinner

Some randomlies from yesterday...
  • I mowed yesterday afternoon. I had a little trouble finding where to mow sometimes, because it is so stinking dry. The only reason I mowed at all is because the fish fry is this weekend and there was an occasional weed sticking up. I also felt like I ate a pound of dirt as well. At any rate, I mowed north/south, and it was a rough, rough ride. I was thinking this might be my last mowing, but after looking back in my archives I see that my last mowing was November 11th last year. So we will see. It is really dry this year though.
  • I also got an interesting phone call yesterday. Some lady called from the local religious tv station and asked if I would consider being on their "Ask the Pastor" program. Certainly she has no idea who I am, but I was apparently recommended by someone she knows. Anyway, I was like, "Uh, I'm gonna have to think about that." I don't actually watch any religious programming (not that it's all bad, surely), and was not familiar with the program or the station (much to her surprise). She emailed me some more info, and after checking it out, I don't really think I'm the type of pastor they're looking for. Plus I just don't think that's something I'm interested in. It was nice to be asked (or recommended) though.
  • Last night we went to supper at Drew Carrie's. Apparently she had made too much chicken and noodles, and we were glad to be invited. The chicken and noodles over mash potatoes and a biscuit was really good too. And it's always nice to walk up to their house and be greeted by a happy basset hound shaking her body all over. Of course, when we walked in and I pulled the door closed, I pulled the door handle off. Drew and I were able to get it fixed though. We also checked out the new baby stroller.
  • Speaking of babies... our family is experiencing a bit of a baby explosion right now. We've had 2 babies born on back to back days. On Wednesday Jane's niece Ashley had a baby girl (Abby Noelle), and while we were at Drew Carrie's we got word that Jane's nephew (Dr. Tim) had a baby girl as well (Avery Jane). Jane's niece in Pakistan is also due this month (a boy), and a nephew in Colorado is due early next year, as is Carrie; and another nephew in Colorado just had a baby a couple months ago. Whew, that's a lotta babies in a short amount of time. We are still praying for Abby, as she was born with no fingers on one hand. Not that this is a real problem, but apparently that is sometimes a sign of heart problems, so we're hoping that's not the case. They should know before they release her from the hospital.
  • Other than that... it's just you're normal Friday around here. It's my day off, and I'm waiting for my baby to get home from work sometime tonight so we can go on our weekly date.
Peace out; and in.