Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thinking about.... motivation

I've been thinking about how to inspire, or motivate, people to get involved at church. I know a lot of people don't think much of church "organizations." But the fact of the matter is, we have to have an organization because we have... people. People require organization - whether it's family units, work places, school, or anything. And it's really hard to inspire people to get involved (for me anyway).

I got to thinking about when my son was in high school marching band. The band director not only organized the students, but there were a TON of parents who pitched in and spent hour upon hour coming to practices, driving great distances to competitions, decorating the band room and lockers, having meetings, making food, making all kinds of sets, spending all kinds of money, and... well, all kinds of things. People went to great lengths and made huge sacrifices, and they seemed to love doing it. And... for what? I mean, why did we do it? Most would probably say we did it for our kids. But even that... for what? I mean, there are kids who weren't in band, and they seemed to survive without it. And even our kids... has it somehow formed who they are now? Did it have any kind of long-term effect?

I'm not saying it was bad or wrong or that it wasn't great fun or anything like that. But, geez, if I ask someone to do something for the church I don't understand why that's being manipulative, outrageous and unreasonable. In my mind, what I'm asking for is for people to get involved in something that can have ETERNAL consequences - for their kids, for themselves, for everyone! So... I don't know... I must be missing something. I mean, what's the difference? Why will people make huge commitments to something like high school band, but they feel it's totally wrong to give themselves to the church? Or is it just me?

Just wondering.

Peace out; and in.