Friday, February 10, 2012

May be changing the blog address

The blog has been set to private for about 3 weeks now. It will probably stay that way for awhile longer still, but I have to admit that I miss it. It's not the same having a private blog as a public blog. And, really, sometimes it seems stupid that I had to do this. Just because a couple people got upset, I have turned my back on 50-100 visits per day from other people around the world. But... such is life, I suppose.

At any rate, I am toying with the idea of changing the blog address; perhaps even buying a domain name (maybe instead of I think it would only be $10/year to buy a domain name, plus I would then change the title away from "Danno's Dangerous Mind." I've never really liked that much. I doubt that it would keep anyone from finding me once I go live again, but it would at least be different. I think I could do it and not lose anything from this blog. That would be almost catastrophic. I use my blog to find dates and information quite a bit, actually.

I think I will also update the look of it soon and add some of the newer features available. I have had this look for quite some time. I like its simplicity and there isn't really a newer template close to it, but, again, such is life. Using such an old template does keep me from being able to do certain things. So... we will see.