Saturday, June 28, 2008

I did something

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, and I had thought about taking a day and just laying on the couch all day. Couldn't do it, so instead I spent about 6 hours working on our recycling shed. We needed a wall separating the recycling part from the storage part, and someone had started it like 2 or 3 weeks ago, so I finally finished it. I know the person that started it is going to be mad at me, though it seems like they're ticked at me about something all the time anyway anymore, but stuff like that really tries my patience. To me that is one of the greatest hindrances in the church... people say they will do something, or they start something, and it never seems to get done. It just drives me nuts. And I think for most people they don't see it as a problem because church to them only happens one day a week, and they don't realize it is a 7-day/24-hour thing. The whole idea behind our park/playground thing is for people to be able to use the property ANY time, and they do. So, anyway, I cut boards and screwed them to the walls. I'm just a wee bit sore from the screwing today. And it got a little harder when the storm blew in and I had to shut the doors and do it in the dark. Hmm... this is starting to sound funny. New topic...

After finishing the walls I decided the next thing needing done is a step for the recycling door. This is another thing that someone said they would take care of about a month ago. I need to buy a board and we'll be in bid-ness.

Following a 4 1/2 mile run I was reminded by Lady Jane that there were some things we needed to take to Ossian for the junk day (the day where you can put your junk out by the road, and whatever the scavengers don't take, the garbage man will haul away). We had an old exercise bike that didn't work anymore, so we took it to the house where a couple ladies in our church live. I bet it wasn't there 2 minutes before someone took it. And while we were there the one lady asked if we ever got a refrigerator for the pavilion. She just up and GAVE us one - and it's nicer than the one we have in the parsonage! That was pretty cool. So we loaded it in the truck and dropped it off before heading out for date-night.

After eating at the newly-painted neon-looking Bandito's in lovely Waynedale we headed into town. Daughter Carrie called and said the boyfriend's band was playing at a place on Calhoun Street we had never heard of. So we dinked around until 9:45 and stopped in. It was a really neat old building, and a really cool place, but it's like connected to the backside of one of the bigger gay bars in the Fort. Anyway, we walked in and could hear the music, but couldn't see where they were. There was this cool room in the back that had me thinking "church gathering spot" from the minute we walked in. It was great. I'm not sure what the boyfriend thought when we walked in and across in front of the band while he was singing, but he smiled and waved. Carrie showed up later and surprised him too. It was a fun time, but we didn't stick around too long so the kiddles could party without parental supervision. Apparently the mayor of Fort Wayne walked in right after we left. I guess his nephew is the drummer or something.

Today is... well... it's another day. There's a pavilion booking, and I suppose I should get ready for the show tomorrow night too. I cant' really even remember what else is on my to-do list. Something important I imagine. Ha.