Friday, July 20, 2018

How to map running routes

I found this nifty little website to map my running routes around town. It's called You can also use it for biking and driving.

To create a route you simply enter your city, click on your starting point, and then click again on different points along the route you'd like to take. It will add up the mileage as you go.

A friend at work showed it to me last week as she was trying to map out her run. So I used it to find a route to give me 15 miles tomorrow. Interestingly enough, if I leave my house and head down to the rivergreenway, go around Foster Park, cut over on Rudisill, and take Fairfield all the way to work... it's almost exactly 7.5 miles. So I can run to where I work and back home and get my 15. That way I will also be able to use the restroom and get a drink at work, as well as Foster Park.

I think this is a pretty cool find. I may even have to add it to my sidebar.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dimensions of discipleship: disciplemaking & personal transformation

I've probably mentioned the weekly coaching group I am part of. One of the recommended books is Robert Logan's, 'The Discipleship Difference.' I have finished it, and hope to someday post a review.

In our coaching group we are using the '8 Dimensions of Discipleship' from the book. We have been tackling two dimensions each week, writing out a short summary of what our life as a disciple looks like through this lens (dimension), and highlighting what has our attention the most from the reflection (kairos). We then take turns working through (leading or being led) a discovery process using the 'learning circle' (I intend to write more about the learning circle someday too).

Logan says the 8 dimensions of discipleship are (as illustrated in the tree above):
  1. Experiencing God
  2. Spiritual Responsiveness
  3. Sacrificial Service
  4. Generous Living
  5. Disciplemaking
  6. Personal Transformation
  7. Authentic Relationships
  8. Community Transformation
This week we are to cover numbers 5 & 6 (Disciplemaking & Personal Transformation), and I thought I might as well just blog my process as write it down in my notebook.

Logan defines disciplemaking as: Living in obedience to the great commission given by Jesus, which entails making more and better followers of Christ (he defines a disciple of Jesus as "a reflection of God in the world.").

The supporting Scripture is Matthew 28:19-20: "Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

The listed "Behavioral Expressions" are:
  • Engaging in spiritual conversations with those who are not yet followers of Jesus.
  • Explaining the good news and the way of Jesus.
  • Establishing new believers in a discipleship process.
  • Connecting people with a faith community.
  • Helping new followers make more followers.
This is defined as: Changing your attitudes and behaviors in positive ways as a result of your relationship with God and others.

The supporting Scripture is Romans 12:2: "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

Behavioral Expressions:
  • Actively engaging with God in the examination of your heart.
  • Cooperating with God's healing work in your life.
  • Processing feedback and input from others.
  • Living out new priorities and changed behavior.
  • Increasingly bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

The assignment is: Write down a short summary of what your life as a disciple looks like through this lens, highlighting what has your attention the most from your reflection.

These are both areas where I have been better in the past than I currently am - even aside from my former "professional" role. Within the past year even I used to love conversations with atheist friends about the Good News and the ways of Jesus. Somewhere along the line I guess I lost my desire, and now I actually will shy AWAY from such conversation.

I suppose a case could be made for a connection between this 'shying away' and my own personal transformation (or lack of). Although, the optimist in me might say I've been in more of a resting/abiding state lately.

Even if I am not actively engaged in disciple-making expressions, I still see value in them, and do not consider myself opposed to or never again living them out. The thing that catches my attention is the area of personal transformation regarding "Cooperating with God's healing work in my life," and "Processing feedback and input from others."

I'm not entirely sure why this is. I do feel like God has been at work in my life lately. However, I also have to admit that I maybe haven't been overly cooperative with him in that regard. Sometimes I will sense I know God wants me to do something, and I honestly just don't want to do it. Whether it is fear, or a lack of trust, I don't know. It is definitely something though, and something I should probably be processing with others.


So, there ya have it. That's my reflection today; written out while sitting at the front desk at the YMCA. Now I will need to cut and paste it into 'Slack' - the format our coaching group uses to share info with each other - and then hope that I don't get selected to have to work through my kairos at the next meeting. :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Oofos recovery sandals

A week or so ago I purchased a pair of these Oofos recovery slides. I actually had a 10% off coupon, plus another $15 discount, so I didn't feel quite so bad about buying $50 sandals (for just over 30). I do have to say, now that I've worn them awhile, I REALLY like them. They're almost like walking with springs on your feet, and they the softest rubber I've ever felt.

 According to the Oofos website:
OOFOS footwear, powered by OOfoam technology, speeds up your Recovery Process. Our shoes are scientifically proven to reduce stress on your body and help you feel better after a workout or during a long day on your feet. Recover faster and feel better - try on a pair and feel the OO!
I don't know if it's due to wearing these sandals, or mere coincidence, but for some reason, since I've started wearing them, my foot/arch/heel pain is completely gone! I basically wear them anytime I go outside other than to run or go to work. I especially like the arch support they offer.

So, count me as sold on these Oofos shoes. I wish they had more options for men, but until then, I will be slippin' on these slides...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fun in the fort weekend

We had a full and fun weekend in good ol' Fort Wayne.

I wrote about the 'Runners on Parade' race yesterday. Later that day we took in some sights at the Three Rivers Festival in and around Headwaters Park. There were tents and vendors set up from Freimann Square to Headwaters East and West. We even got to see part of the band 'Candlebox' doing their mic check (I'm not really familiar with the band, but apparently they're pretty well-known).

Here is a pic from Main Street, which was closed down for chalk artists to do their thing. It was pretty amazing, and I'm glad we get to live in a city that does such coolness.

After wandering the festival area, we headed to one of our favorite Saturday spots: Rock the Plaza - held on the downtown library grounds. Every Saturday night during the summer, four different bands play from 6-10 pm. There are food and drink for purchase, but otherwise, it is all free. You can bring a blanket or lawn chair, or simply grab a bench or a spot along the rail.

This particular Saturday night saw four very different bands. One was local legend Chilly Addams. He did a solo acoustic show, and not only was he one of the first RTP performers twelve years ago, but at the start of his set he shared that this would have been his late son's 18th birthday and he was dedicating all the songs to his memory (songs he'd written about or that just reminded him of his son). Apparently he drowned at the babysitters 16 years ago. I have to say, this was THE SADDEST set of songs I have ever listened to. However, for as tear-jerking as it was, it was equally powerful. I spoke to Chilly later and he responded with total sincerity and appreciation (as he always has).

The last band was then one of my very favorite local bands: URB. They ALWAYS entertain and keep people until the end. They did not disappoint on this night either. The lead singer/guitarist also wore a Chilly Addams shirt the whole night. :)

Chilly Addams

Sunday morning we started off with a fantastic church gathering. The SIL led some of the worship songs, and the sermon was inspiring as always. Although my ribs were hurting pretty good, it was a worthwhile time.

Following church, we walked a couple blocks over with the Feipels and strolled up and down Calhoun Street for the 2nd annual 'Open Streets Fort Wayne.'

We missed the inaugural year and were sorry we did because it is pretty cool. It probably stretched over ten city blocks filled with businesses, vendors, and just plain fun and cool stuff to see and do. The kids got to throw balls, shoot baskets, bang on drums, and among a bunch of other things, have a total blast in this foam area!

Caleb in one of the many trucks you could "touch."

We spent the next three hours taking in the sights and activities. While it left us all a little worn out, I think it also confirmed just how fun it is to live in Fort Wayne.

Now it's off to bed for me, and the next week starts at 3:55 am. Then off to work I go!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

New gps watch / runners on parade / 14 miles

Throwing several things together today. For starters I finally got a new GPS running watch.

My old one - the brand shall remain nameless because Nike totally SUCKED in how they handled it - still worked fine, but said company decided to no longer support their expensive running watches. Once the memory was full, that was it.

I did a lot of research on running watches the past few weeks, and despite a lot of negative reviews, I finally opted for the Timex Ironman GPS. Several reputable sources selected it as the 'best GPS watch under $100.'  The things I liked best though, were (1) It was on sale for only $74 online, and (2) It is THE MOST BASIC GPS WATCH THAT HAS EVERYTHING I WANT/NEED.

All I use in a watch is distance, pace, and time. And that's ALL this watch does! I think I may have finally figured out how to change "average pace" to "actual pace" today so we will see. So far it has worked pretty well.

Jane and I ran another 5k this morning. During Fort Wayne's Three Rivers Festival they have a race called "Runners On Parade." The reason for the name is because it's a 5k that follows the festival parade route (not that the parade is a 5k).

It's a nice race, and we've participated before. It's one of the few "money" races I know of in Fort Wayne. Not that we would ever win any money - there were quite a few runners for this event - but it is fun running along the parade route and having a crowd of people cheering for us.

I'd guess we finished in right around 30 minutes. We were averaging just under 10-minute miles. Daughter Carrie was nice enough to snap this pic of us.

The 5k was only a part of my running today. I was scheduled to do 14 miles, and it worked out just about right that if I ran from our house to the start of the race, ran the race, and then ran home again, it was almost exactly 14 miles. So that's what I did.

I left home at 6:30 am, and actually ran that 5 miles faster than I planned into the downtown area. I averaged right about 10-minute miles. I met Jane at the Central Y, ate a gel, changed my shirt, and we headed for the race site. We had about a half hour wait until the 5k started, and walked a little over 1/2 mile to get there (giving me the 5.5 miles I needed).

At some point I messed up pausing my watch, but I was also using the running app on my phone. Unfortunately, I messed that up at some point too, so I'm thinking I may have finished with a half mile more than fourteen. Oh well.

After the race, we talked to Carrie, then parted ways. Jane went to the farmers market, and I took off running again (after another gel and shirt change at the Y). I took a slightly different route home which allowed me to get a drink at Foster Park, but it also added that 1/2 mile. At any rate, I pretty much died at 13.25 miles (or what I think was actually 13.75), so I walked the rest of the way home.

Once home I threw my legs up the wall for awhile, re-hydrated, and then soaked in the tub. As I was getting out of the tub I slipped on the mat and fell kind of hard on the edge of the tub. I'm hoping I just bruised my ribs, but it hurt like heck.

So, from a new watch to sore ribs. All in a Saturday's run...