Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just your average hockey mom

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Sarah Palin is on campus where daughter Carrie works, today. This was news to me... and so was this...

So Sarah Palin thinks she is just like the rest of us? Apparently the Republicans have spent $150,000.00 dressing her since being nominated for vp! (another story HERE) Yep, that's close to the monthly allotment for clothes in our house. Her jacket for the RNC speech alone was $2500.

With spending like this they'll have that national debt dwindled down in no time. And when she talked about bringing change to Washington, apparently she meant a change of clothes.

Rumor has it they're going to donate the clothes to charity though. I mean, you know, we wouldn't want her wearing the same outfit twice. But wouldn't that be like Socialism? Spreading the clothing wealth around...

Maybe she'll just leave a bag of clothes on Carrie's desk when she leaves Findlay today. That would be nice of her.