Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maybe the wrong house was right

I just had a phone call from a guy wanting to know what time our Sunday service was. I tried to engage him in a little small-talk to see if I could find anything out about him - like where he's from, if he's just visiting, if he's mad at his 'regular' church, how he heard about us, etc - and he was more than happy to oblige. Which was odder for me because I'm not a phone person; but anyway, we had a nice chat.

I guess the deal is... he's never been to a church before. For reasons he didn't share, he said he just felt like he might want to try it. And he chose our church because several years ago someone came to his house and dropped off a coffee cup filled with candy and the cup had our church name on it. We used to have some people who did that for people who visited on a Sunday morning. We don't do it anymore, because one of them died, and the other two got mad at me and left the church. But anyway, apparently they took this cup to the wrong house because he hadn't visited. He says he called me at the time (I don't remember, but he's probably right), and I told him to keep it anyway. This had to have been at least 5 years ago. So, he said he still had the cup, and since he was going to try a church, he thought he would try ours.

So I guess you just never know. Although... probably 80% of the people who say they will "see me Sunday" never end up showing. See how easy it is to put a negative spin on things. :/