Thursday, November 13, 2008


A random post for posterity's sake while eating my breakfast...

I left home yesterday and went to Fort Wayne to tell Jane good-bye before heading to Illinois. I stopped at the hospital to see a lady from church, and got on Rt. 24 at Lutheran Hospital in FW. I took 24 all the way to Peoria, stopping in Gridley, IL for gas, and El Paso for supper. I went through Eureka, Il (that would be where Ronald Reagan went to college, MR), and in another 20 miles came across the McCluggage Bridge into Peoria. Go to Knoxville Ave. (Rt. 40) and turn left. Go to the top of the hill and turn left into St. Francis Hospital (Methodist is a right turn). Parked in the North Parking garage. I wish he was at Methodist, because it is nicer and has better amenities for guests. But I guess patients are probably more important. :) It took me 5 hours and 15 minutes (including stops, plus it drizzled rain and was a bit foggy the whole way). I listened to the ipod some... Johnny Cash: American IV; Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall; and Bob Dylan: Modern Times.

I spent some time at the hospital. I have never known anyone who complains more than my dad - so you know where I get it. He was his usual self last night. He says Obama is going to take all of his guns. I finally left at 9:05 Peoria time (10:05 my time). To get to my parents house you get on Rt. 40 in front of the hospital and take it straight north to Buda (population 600 - but that must be counting dogs and cats). They live a block over on "A" Street. From St. Francis to their house is 48 miles, and it took me 55 minutes last night. It was weird... I bet I only saw about 10 cars the whole way home once I got out of Peoria. Fortunately there were no deer sightings.

Well, I should probably go. There is a computer in the ICU waiting room, but it's not a very nice waiting room, so... we'll see. Mom slept there last night, but apparently only one family member can have a recliner overnight. It's a totally different place from across the street at Methodist - where Jane's mom was just 2 years ago. This is where son Isaac was some 20 years ago though. It's also where Jane's one brother had his bypass surgery done. I hate hospitals.

Peace out; and in.