Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Religion and politics

There seems to still be plenty of discussion over the ramifications of Barack Obama being elected President of the USA and the stance Christians are taking.

I ordered a book yesterday from Youth Specialties - 'Barack Obama: An American Story' - mostly because they gave me a really good deal, but partly hoping I could pass it along to some people to help ease their fears about Obama's faith. I am thinking of getting his book 'The Audacity of Hope' as well. There is quite the discussion going on HERE about YS doing this though. Man...

There is also a good article at Christian History - "The Wall of Seperation" - pointing out that the issue is nothing new this year. In fact, they say the election of 1800 was even worse. People were calling Thomas Jefferson an atheist, and said things like, "a vote for Jefferson must be construed into no less than rebellion against God." You should read the article if you care about such things.

I am really growing tired of it all though. I think we all need to take us a chill pill and get some faith in God for crying out loud.