Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big ten tourney

Well I got me 2 tickets to the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament for this Friday - session 3 (which means we can see the Illini play at 6:30 and the next game at 9 pm). I was ordering a cd at Wooden Nickel, and decided to just get the tickets through their ticketmaster thingy. Geez, it was $149.80 for the two, and that was in the nosebleed section. I guess that can be my contribution to stimulating the economy. I was at least able to get them on the end of a row. I would hope we can maybe move down to some empty seats in a lower section, though a Friday night game will be more crowded than earlier in the day. That was why I was kinda hoping the Illini would get a lower seed. But I'm happy they got the #2. I can't wait.

I've only been to Conseco Fieldhouse a couple times before. Jane and I went to a marriage thing; and I think I attended a Promise Keepers thing there. We've been to the RCA Dome/Lucas Oil field many times. This should be fun.

Jane took a half day of vacation so she can go with me. We'll probably go down early, maybe try to locate the Illini designated restaurant called "The Ram." I don't know where it's at, but it can't be too hard to find. I will also have to dig out my Illini t-shirt, and my orange Illini cap (not to be confused with my orange University of Findlay cap).

I am kinda excited. It's been awhile since I've been to a college basketball game. And I've never been to a Big Ten tournament game. We used to take in Bradley basketball games in Peoria now and then (when we lived in Illinois); and several years ago I went with a friend down to a Ball State game; and when I was in high school we went to several Western Illinois Univesity games (my sister was a cheerleader for them); and we used to go to Huntington University games when daughter Carrie was a cheerleader for them. I enjoyed them, but this is THE BIG TEN! And I have never seen the Illini play in person. Yippee.

I'm sure something is about to go terribly wrong.