Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The bishop and abortion/capital punishment

I have nothing against the local RC bishop - he may be a nice guy for all I know - but I've been thinking about this all day. Last night he did an "exclusive" interview on the local news about why he is boycotting Notre Dame's graduation ceremony this year. It's because Barack Obama is speaking - even though they apparently have a tradition of asking the President to speak every year. Anyway, in the interview the bishop said he was not going in protest of Obama's stance on abortion. He felt his presence there would mean he approved of it. Then he was asked about attending when George W. Bush spoke there, and how that might conflict with his stance on capital punishment. The bishop said, "You can still be a good catholic and not agree with the church on capital punishment" (I believe those were his exact words). I thought that was odd. I was surprised the bishop would say you could be a "good" catholic, and not agree with the church. Plus the fact that that seems a contradiction with the abortion thing. Not that I think abortion is right; but I don't think capital punishment is right either. And I don't know that I would have boycotted over either one. So, is the bishop setting precedent that anytime someone doesn't agree with the church, then it's ok to boycott?

I dunno. I thought it was an odd interview. And I could be wrong, but personally... he seemed kinda like he was drunk to me.