Monday, August 10, 2009

An email

So... I received the following email in response to my previous post "I Went To A Christian Concert." I'm not sure what to think, or how to respond. And I have absolutely no idea what is meant about the astrological sign. I don't even know where that is. Here's the email:
I was trying to find out how many people attended the Mercy Me concert and saw your blog
Your language and comments were very surprising and disturbing especially after discovering that you are a pastor -- I am shocked
and to see your astrological sign on your blog site is equally if not more shocking
what about your spiritual gift -- ?
isn't that more important than that
who that knows and believes in Jesus would cast their lot on how the stars or shining on their birthday
I do not usually comment to peoples blogs - seldom read any from people that I don't know but yours leaves me speechless instead of saying what's on my mind
Eph 4: 28-31
and where did the paranoia come from??? "everyone staring at us"
please don't send reply
I don't want to get into a banter -- just take my comments as food for thought