Friday, November 20, 2009

Things to do

I think I need to write down a list of things to do in the upcoming week.

Today - Doctor appointment, treadmill, wedding rehearsal.
Saturday - Work in morning, wedding in evening, Illini game at 8 pm (BTN).
Sunday - Worship in morning, decorate church for Carrie's wedding in afternoon, Jane has Charis House meal later afternoon, Community Thanksgiving service at night.
Monday - Work (bulletins for next Sunday, start on message for following Sunday, misc.).
Tuesday - On vacation for a week. Lots to do. First week of vacation this year (3 to go).
Wednesday - Pick up tux, and whatever else. Not sure if Isaac is coming home this day or next.
Thursday - Thanksgiving. Mom and dad will be arriving in afternoon. Cowboys/Raiders. Turkey, tades, Cool Whip with a little pumpkin pie.
Friday - Other family and out-of-town guests arriving. Rehearsal for the Drew Carrie wedding. Hotel.
Saturday - Other family and out-of-town guests arriving. DREW CARRIE WEDDING DAY!!! Hotel.
Sunday - The Northmen at church. I will be sleeping in or sitting at McDonald's or something. Saying some good-byes to those leaving. Drew Carrie will likely open gifts in afternoon.
Monday - Take stuff back to where it goes. Jane's brother and his son will still be here.
Tuesday - Last day of this week of vacation. I'm sure there will still be things needing done. Clean house.
Wednesday - Back to work. Get ready for Sunday morning, and the decorating/church supper Sunday night.
Eternity - the usual.