Friday, July 30, 2010

Mulch and trimmed bushes

I trimmed the front bushes on Tuesday, then yesterday (Thursday) I got new mulch for in front of the house. Even though I am on vacation I still went to my weekly meeting with Tom and Steve (mostly because they would have whined had I not been there, and they also need the extra prayer from me). I mentioned possibly trying to find a truck to get some mulch, and Steve offered to let me use his blazer and trailer. So I took him up on it after lunch. He has a really nice trailer and it was perfect for unloading mulch. I went to the DoItBest in Bluffton and got three scoops of red mulch ($73). On the way home it was kind of blowing out the back, so I pulled over and took back roads the rest of the way home. Three scoops was just about perfect. I am glad to have that done now, so Jane will quit nagging me about it (plus it looks nicer having actual mulch, instead of black plastic, around the shrubbery in front of the house). So, another thing checked off the list.