Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New light, house, and sick (as a dog)

Yesterday I hung a new light in the basement at the church. I personally can't stand all the florescent lights, and they suck for trying to create a sense of atmosphere, but we've been using too many candles for our Midweek Meditation; so I hung a light bulb over the writing/drawing area. It is totally rinky-dink (how else would I do anything). I just took the head off a lamp and cut the end off a 15' extension cord and connected it to that. So it is literally just a light bulb hanging down from the ceiling with the cord draped across over to the one and only outlet that's in the room (which is also on the ceiling for some odd reason). I used a green light bulb, because I don't want it to be too bright. There is also a lamp by the prayer station that has a blue bulb in it. So you can see, but it's not bright. That was my spiritual act of worship yesterday.

Drew Carrie certainly had a splendid day though. They closed on their new house in the morning, and will be movin' downtown Fort Wayne starting TODAY! They bought a nice house in a cozy little residential neighborhood just south of downtown. It's also conveniently located behind a liquor store, you know, just in case. The house has really neat french doors, and some cool cut-glass windows, and a neat staircase. It just doesn't have much parking. Interestingly enough, when Jane and I bought our first house she was pregnant with our first child (Carrie); so it's kind of wild that Carrie is pregnant with their first when they bought their first house too. Hopefully their child will turn out as well as ours. :)

And, just to keep things interesting... last night just as I was getting ready to get on the treadmill I got a phone call from said daughter. Apparently Lady the dog was sick all day yesterday - diarrhea and such - and then it was turning to blood... and both her and Drew had to work last night. So I changed clothes and made a sandwich and headed up north to sit with the sick pup. I had to stop at 2 different places on the way to get some Immodium A-D for her. When I got there we went outside for a nice long walk. She still had diarrhea, but not much blood. After that I forced the medicine down her throat. I got her chewables, but she knew it wasn't much of a treat. Then we played for a bit, and it wasn't too long before she was crashed on the couch. I read my book, and pretty soon Drew got home. Hopefully she will be ok. I think they're taking her to the vet today (they actually called the vet last night, and they said to wait until the next day).

So, wow, a pretty exciting day, huh? Can't wait to see what happens today. I'm hoping a sermon will appear at some point.

Peace out, folks; and in.