Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thinking about...

Now that we have started in on The Present Future DVD Study, some of the other things I've been thinking about doing, either individually or as a church, are:
  • The idea of a 'prayer place' that I mentioned the other day in this post.
  • Adding the element of texting to my sermons. Putting my cell number in the bulletin and letting people know that if they have a legitimate question dealing with the sermon they can feel free to text it to me while I'm preaching. I will then take a few minutes at the end to address any questions. Not that I can guarantee any answers, but I'm sure there are sometimes good questions that people have, and texting will allow them to be asked somewhat anonymously (at least to the rest of the congregation). I'm somewhat hesitant to do this, because I don't think on my feet real well - I prefer to contemplate things for awhile - but I think it could possibly help people feel a little more included in the Word portion of the gathering. I dunno. We'll see.
  • Praying through the neighborhood - I've been considering this for awhile. I would like to go door to door in the neighborhood around the church and just ask people if there is anything I can pray for them about. I will probably take a notebook to write things down and to keep a record. I'm not sure exactly how to convince them that they don't need to "come to church," but I think it's a start in building some relationships and hopefully showing that the kingdom goes beyond church walls.
  • Practicing Hospitality - The last book I read had a link to Alan Roxburgh's website and they have a bible study called "Practicing Hospitality." I've just glanced through it, but this looks like just the thing I've been looking for - a way for people to invite others into their homes to have spiritual discussions. So I downloaded the study, and I'm thinking that once we're through with the Present Future study I may offer this one for anyone that's interested. I really think this could lead to something, not only for our church, but, shoot, it could even be the start of something entirely other.
  • The Basement - We are also looking into maybe redoing the church basement next year. I would really like to do this. Put some carpet down, paint the ceiling and walls, add a fireplace, do some decorating. I think we need a place that is less institutional looking. While not really "outward-focused," I think it could change our attitudes somewhat and be a little more inviting.
  • Also, while not really something I am going to "do"... but something that I just realized maybe needs emphasized... I try to talk often about "change" in the church - if for nothing else just so people know that it is to be expected. But I realized that maybe it is a bit unsettling for people to think that we are instituting changes just for the sake of change. Perhaps I need to emphasize that the change isn't really being instituted by the church - CHANGE HAPPENS in life - and the church merely needs to be constantly addressing the changes that occur in life. I mean, people get older, kids grow up, ailments develop, people split apart, get married, change jobs, lose jobs, make money, move, economies change, cultures, and all sorts of other things. Now, certainly the the message of hope that the church has to offer doesn't change... but where and how it applies to peoples lives does. So we need to be constantly aware of the changing shape of our lives and the world we live in. I think I need to begin to address change more from that aspect (though in a more concise way).
Stuff like that...