Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Entryway carpet cleaned

Yesterday we had the tile right inside the door to the church and the main hallway carpet cleaned. Also the stairs going to the sanctuary and the basement. It looks much nicer, as it was pretty dirty, what with coffee/juice spills all over it. The guy even cleaned my office carpet for free because he was late getting there and he had to leave once to go get one of his tools. Cool!

He was supposed to arrive at 1 pm, but called in the morning and asked if he could come around 2:30 instead. That was fine by me. He got there at 2:30, and got done around 5:45. That included cleaning the carpets and putting protectant on, stripping the tile then putting 3 coats of wax on it. He was also gone about 30-45 minutes when he went back to the shop to fetch the missing tool.

I asked how to clean the tile and he said you should never use hot water on it - that melts off the wax. He said to use cold or lukewarm water, and maybe a little Dawn dishwashing soap. Interesting.

He said he also threw in a little deoderizer, so it smells really nice now. :)

Peace out; and in.