Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's more christian to say happy holidays

It seems every year there are more and more people who throw a fit over whether we should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays." You know, personally, it rather irritates me when I see people make a big deal about this, and I think Christians should just go with "Happy Holidays." In fact, I think it's the Christian thing to do.

For one thing, it's a fairly well known fact that Jesus wasn't really born on December 25. It was probably more like sometime in March. So to say this is all about Jesus' birthday really doesn't hold much water anyway. Plus, I wonder how many people actually do make the season solely about Christ? And... can't we celebrate him AND celebrate with family and friends and buy gifts and things too?

I also wonder just how many Christians are aware that Christmas isn't really a DAY either... but it is a season, culminating in Epiphany 12 days after Christmas. So it's not just one day that we are celebrating, but a holiday season. Besides, when we say 'Happy Holidays' we're not just talking about Christmas anyway, but it encompasses Christmas, the end of a year, the New Year; most people have vacation time... all in all, it's just a very festive time of year for more reasons than just Christmas. So it's not a single holiday, but is more of a plural celebration... holidayS.

And, really, I think the most 'Christian' reason to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" is simply as a show of respect to those who don't know Jesus or feel about him the way we do. Yes, Christians should be God-honoring, and we should lift up Christ not only around Christmas but at all times; and how best to do that but by showing love to those he came to save.

If saying "Merry Christmas" is the only way you put Christ in your Christmas, then I'm not real sure what your faith is about anyway. I would say you need to spend a little more time with him on a day to day basis all year long. And I think it's downright wrong of us to just expect that everyone else in the world should feel the same way we do about Jesus. It's even more wrong to ridicule and belittle them... especially over mere wordage.

I am a Christian, I wish we could all think more about Christ - during December and always - and I even celebrate his birth on December 25th... But I'm also okay with wishing everyone Happy Holidays. Out of respect for others, out of the kindness of my heart, and because I want to be a blessing rather than a curse(r) to those who might not know Jesus or think of him the way I do. But... maybe that's just me.

Peace out, my friends; and in.