Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The social networks

I had someone send me a message on Myspace this morning. It's been so long since I've used Myspace that I couldn't remember my password. So then I thought I probably ought to check my Twitter account - since I hadn't been there in a long time either - and I couldn't remember that password either.

I am now wondering if I should just delete both my Myspace and my Twitter account. I don't use either of them at all anymore. Myspace used to be good to contact bands, but it's just not something I use anymore, and I can't really even get it to work very well on my computer. Talk about clunky. And Twitter... I used to like to write tweets, but I never was a real fan of it. I never did really figure out how to have a conversation on it, and I honestly just got a little tired of hearing from the same old authors hyping their books. I never did really follow very many people though. Just not my thing.

I do still enjoy Facebook. It seems to be the most versatile of all the social networks I am familiar with (blogs, FB, Myspace, and Twitter). Although, as I have gotten more and more "friends" I have become a little more reluctant to post status updates and especially notes. I have a feeling that Facebook will soon go the way of Myspace, and I will be a little disappointed because I really do like being able to connect not only with current friends, but old friends as well. For someone like me - who works mostly alone - it really is nice (it's my water cooler; or at least it used to be).

Sometimes I feel like one of the only bloggers left. I still like that as a medium, but it just seems to have gone by the wayside for so many people. There used to almost be a sense of community among bloggers, but for me at least, that seems to be gone. Either that or everyone just left me in the dust. I never did get listed in very many people's sidebars, and mine has never been a well-read blog. It's almost funny to visit some of the people who do get listed on the sidebars of the "big names"... and so many of them aren't even blogging anymore. It is sad to me. It leaves me feeling somewhat alone among my peers. Or maybe I just don't have any peers. I don't know.

At any rate, so, I am wondering if I should just delete my Myspace and Twitter accounts and just stay with Facebook and Blogger. I suppose someday I'll be saying goodbye to them too. What a depressing way to spend my lunch hour. I think I'll go to Taco Bell and get me a couple Fresco soft tacos. It is "taco tuesday" after all. Should cost me about $1.49. Probably be the highlight of my day. Although it's really foggy right now, so...

Peace out; and in.