Friday, March 18, 2011

NCAA men's basketball tourney brackets

I did get my NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets filled out Wednesday. I actually filled out three of them. One is online. I also decided that this year I wanted to see how one turned out if I just flipped a coin for every game. The funny thing was... every single #1 & 2 seed went out in the first round using the coin flip method. So I did it again, but I gave all the 1's and 2's a bye in the first round. Imagine my surprise when I came up with the exact same winning team on the two coinflip brackets!!! What are the odds of that?

In the bracket I filled out online I ended up with Ohio State winning the national championship over Purdue. I don't really see that happening, but that's just kind of how it turned out. I picked the Illini to lose in the first round. The final four is: OU, Purdue, UConn, and St. Johns.

In the first coinflip bracket I filled out it ended up with Xavier winning the national championship over Georgetown. I don't really like Xavier, but wouldn't that be an interesting final? The final four is: XU, GU, Bucknell, and UNC-Ash.

In the custom-coinflip bracket it ended up with Xavier winning it over Belmont. So that isn't going to happen already. The final four is: XU, Belmont, VCU, and Tennessee.

All in all, I don't really care. Although we did keep our Dish satellite through the tournament. Then it's going bye-bye.

Peace out; and in.