Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tired of winter

I know everyone is tired of winter... So am I. It's especially depressing after having a couple days in the 50's and then we wake up to freezing rain, sleet, and another expected 4-8 inches of snow, plus heavy winds. To top it off, just yesterday I got all but one short row of storage units cleared of ice and snow. That meant that only about 6 units remained out of 600+. I chipped so much ice yesterday that my arms and hands shook for hours afterward. Now every single one of those units will be right back to needing cleaned out again. Ugh.

Right now I am waiting for Jane to text me that she made it to work, then I need a shower and I will start my trek from the south side to the north side. Hopefully we will both make it home tonight.

I am so tired of winter.