Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Almost like...

It struck me yesterday - as I was sitting in a hospital room with a friend - that this was almost like old times. A few weeks ago I made somewhat regular visits to another friend as he was recouping from a motorcycle accident. Then yesterday I found a co-worker unconscious. I called 911 and followed the ambulance to the hospital. I spent 5 or 6 hours in the hospital with her. There was no one else to be with her, and it wasn't something I was obligated to do, but I felt I needed to do. Didn't mind at all.

So it struck me also how ignorant some people can be who think that church is nothing but a Sunday show... They think you need someone to do the music, someone to present a "talk," and someone to take care of the maintenance of the building. These assholes are oblivious to the need for someone to pray for people, someone to visit with people, someone to give a shit, and commune and listen to God, and clean the toilets, and pray over places and events, and... well the list could go on. It just irritates me when people think "church" is a simple list of things to do. It requires so much more, but it starts with someone committed to living a simple life, and attending to the needs at hand. The needs of people.

Yes, it would be great if we could do it organically, or share the burden, but let's face it... Most of the time it doesn't happen. Everyone thinks someone else will do it, or that it's not really necessary. But it is, dammit.

I still want to believe in the church, but I'm losing faith (in the church). It's not an event, or a business (non-profit, at that). It's difficult work, it's tedious work, it's time-consuming, and it's something that some people will never understand.

That's all. Rant over.