Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 miles

I'm not bragging, but just wanted to log it for future reference... yesterday I ran 5.25 miles. With the warm-up and cool-down it took me 63 minutes. I believe that's the longest I've run - since keeping track anyhow. I was also finally able to crack into the 6 mph range again. Unfortunately it looks like I'll only be able to do three days this week, but at least I still got in over 13 miles (I usually average just over 15 per week). And next week could be worse, since I'll be gone a few days. We'll see.

For the record - I really hate running. But I do feel good about finally breaking 5 miles. :)

I also bought a pair of those short, short running shorts yesterday at Dick's Sporting Goods. I sweat like a pig, and I need some shorts that are made for this. No picture though.

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MR said...

That actually is pretty cool.

The longest I've ever ran in my LIFE was 6 miles, I was in my early 20's, and there was a cute girl on the next treadmill over that was playing with me. It worked, she was impressed. Too bad I already had a girlfriend at the time or this would be a better story.