Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conference notes

Today is the last day of our midwest region conference. It's been good, and I've enjoyed talking with many people, but... it's kind of weird. Like, there is something going on that no one is wanting to talk about. Discussions are very guarded, and there's a lot that's not being said.

At any rate, the speakers have been pretty good. I always love listening to Dr. Dave Draper - the president of our seminary. He is one of the best speakers I know of. Steve Ayers has been really good, even though I'm not a rah rah type. Rick Rusaw is really good. I'd heard him before, and read his book. I like him. There was a comedian last night. Something Pearson. He was okay.

My notes so far...

From Steve Ayers:
  • "Why would anyone want to live in the middle of the road? The only things there are yellow lines and dead possums." S.A.
  • "You know what blows people away? Old people that are still happy." S.A.
  • "We need to love the hell out of people." S.A.
  • "People will follow what I celebrate." S.A. (so that's the problem)
  • "We (as the bride/church) need to be trying to help people fall in love with the Groom instead of the bride. Reproduction will not result from the bride being in love with the bride, but it will be natural if the bride falls in love with the Groom." S.A.
  • "We don't introduce people to Jesus, we should REVEAL where Jesus already is in the world." S.A.
I guess I don't have too many from Rick Rusaw. I think I've blogged some before. He did give some interesting stats. The largest Muslim training center in the world is in New York City. the largest Hindu Temple in the world is in Boulder, Colorado. The largest Transcendental Meditation center in the world is in Fairfield, Iowa. But the largest Christian Church in the world is in Korea; and the church is growing fastest in China.

Hmm... I guess that's all I've written down. I used to keep extensive notes - only to have them sit in a drawer forever. I guess now I pretty much just listen. I don't know which is better. Whatever.

Well, gotta go. Had a great supper last night with a bunch of people. Peace.


Brook said...

There is definitely a thing or two not being discussed at the conference...and, it's too bad. It's going to come out at some point and it will be too late for anyone to respond. But, hey, it's out of our hands...

Brook Sarver

dan h. said...

Great to hear from you, and nice talking with you at conference. I guess I'm glad I wasn't imagining the "things not being said." But I never have been in the loop on anything, so I've never known what was going on.