Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am the reverend

So, I went into Lowe's tonight and bought two boards. I go up to the cashier, whip out the church credit card (because the boards were for the church - I'm starting a new board), swipe it, and she asks to see the credit card. To this point nothing is out of the ordinary. But then she asks me, "Are you the Reverend?" I said, "yes." She looks at me... and then asks if I have any identification. Ha! I've never been carded for using the church credit card before. I suppose it didn't help that I had my spiderman t-shirt on. Still... that was weird. But I AM the reverend. Though sometimes it's more like revnerd.


Carrie Jade said...

Ha ha! That sounds much like when I go to UF and try and tell them I'm on staff. "So you're a student worker?" NO!!

Revnerd. :)

Joan B. said...

Wouldn't it be nice if starting a new board (not necessarily at church but anywhere) was as easy as buying a couple hunks of wood?

MR said...

You should have told her: "actually, I'M THE WIZ!!! NOBODY beats my prices! CUZ I'M THE WIZ!!!"

Hey, I just looked at the sattelite picture of Fairview and not only don't you have a shed, but you don't have a pavilion, either, just a few toys on the playground. What are you tryin' to pull? Just because I saw it when I was there last time doesn't mean I believe my lyin' eyes over Google.

dan h. said...

Yeah, or like the Best Buy salesman that thinks you're sixteen. :)

And sometimes a couple hunks of wood would be an upgrade (oh, that's not nice). ;)

That's funny, I was just looking at our satellite pic a couple days ago, and noticed the same thing. It must be from 2005 or earlier. I guess nothing beats the real thing.