Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The new shed

We finally got our new storage shed at the church. We bought it from Sheds of Steel out of Peru, Indiana. Sure, it's not Buns of Steel, but still... it's pretty nice. It was pre-built, and they just came and set it on our spot for us. It is a 15'x30' garage with a big door on each end and one side door. I was thoroughly impressed with the thing, and I highly recommend the place. Now we'll build a wall down the middle and people can leave their recycling stuff (papers, cans, etc.) in the one end, and we'll use the other to store the mower and signs and things like that. Here are some pics of them pulling into the parking lot, letting it down off the trailer, and in its final resting spot. Another thing to mark off the list. Ahhh...

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