Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pavilion set-up

An internal memo to myself. For the Father's Day show I set up 50 chairs with an aisle down the middle, along with 10 picnic tables (7 under roof; 3 outside). For food: 2 long tables on north side of enclosure, 1 short table on east - north of door, the prep table/fridge south of door. 4 coolers; 2 big bags of ice. Small table for sound equipment. Long table for cd sales.

Future reference:
I left 40 chairs in enclosure. This should be good for remaining shows, and keep more picnic tables under shelter. Once we can serve through the window we won't need the tables around enclosure if it's just pizza and drinks. Use a small picnic table for sound equipment by stage. Should just need one long table for cd sales on north end.

View from the stage toward enclosure, with curtain down.

I believe there are two fairly frequent commenters on this blog in this picture.

Minimally organized chaos - yep, that's what we're after.

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