Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today #4153

This morning I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill, went 3.54 miles, burned 357 calories.

Nice Holiday Inn Express. Huge (and nice) room, pool, workout room, free breakfast, free internet... the whole nine yards. And I slept like a rock.

Day one of conference was pretty good. Steve Ayers was the main speaker yesterday, and I believe again today. He reminds me of Mark Driscoll a little, in that he's a tough guy and not at all interested in being politically correct. He keeps your attention.

Speaking of politics, someone was talking to me yesterday and they so blatantly assumed I was a republican it was funny. Not that I'm a democrat necessarily either, but... it was just funny.

Today is a full day of sitting in a chair. Can't wait. :)


Carrie Jade said...

Ha ha. I experienced the same thing last week - someone going on and on about politics assuming I was a Republican. At the end I just said, "so you'd probably be surprised if I was probably voting for Obama?" The look on their face was priceless! And then I just laughed like I was only half serious because I don't like talking about those things with certain people. And I don't know who I"m going to vote for. Still.

Although, I think it will be Obama. I thought of doing the whole write in someone thing but after a comment made at lunch on Sunday, I think it'd be better to vote for Obama to ensure that Maniac McCain doesn't get elected.

Can we pretend this in an anonomous (spelled way wrong, there should be a 'y' somehwere) post?

Isaac Horwedel said...

Even though voting for Obama might be the more rational thing to do, I think you will find that Nader is a much better candidate in the sense that he stands for most of what you/we do but unlike Obama he doesn't feel the need to go back on certain things depending on the people he's talking to.

MR said...

I'm going to write in Ronald Reagan.

I miss Ronald Reagan.

Carrie Jade said...

Ha ha.

Thanks for the info Isaac.

dan h. said...

You should write a song about Ronald Reagan. Haha. Oh wait... Tommy Womack already did. :)

Wow, and today I was talking with two very prominent people at this conference, and they kinda started getting into it about the election. Believe it or not I didn't say a thing. But I lost a whole lotta respect for the one person who continually referred to Obama as the "boy." Geesh.