Thursday, July 17, 2008

All I need is this thermos

I will probably not be checkin the comments here for awhile, but posts are scheduled to run while I'm gone, so feel free to chat amongst yourselves. Just be nice and try to keep it clean. :)

Yesterday I headed into town to the Three Rivers Festival and listened to Brian Lemert in the afternoon. He played a nice set for me and a few homeless folks. Lady Jane and I returned last night for Duke Tomatoe. It was a nice night for listening to the blues. We didn't stay out too late though, as she had to get up early for work today. You know, somebody has to make the pizza dough around here. I didn't know Duke was from Indiana. I also didn't know he was one of the original members of REO Speedwagon. Well how 'bout that...

I spent way too much time yesterday trying to download stuff for the trip. I finally figured out that I need to just download things one at a time or my computer gets stupid. I downloaded a Reggie McNeil video, a podcast from some of my cggc cohorts called Grass Roots Healthy Church Podcast, and six sermons from Greg Boyd from his 'The Cross and the Sword' series, which resulted in his book The Myth of A Christian Nation. So it should be some innaresting listening.

I did trim some trees yesterday too; and mowed part of the yard. Today I need to mow the rest, run, pack, and... find my thermos. Well, I don't really have a thermos... but I could take this chair.

Yep... it's like that. Peace out; and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

It's actually 'well how bouNt that'...