Monday, July 28, 2008

Happenings (random)

Had a nice end to a nice week. Now it's back to reality. And I actually need to write a sermon again this week!

Last week I had a really good time hanging with daughter Carrie at her apartment and workplace. Also had lots of good chats and discussions. Some things worth noting: Jim Wilder is one smart cookie; I want a band again (and I would like to stop leading worship/music - or ONLY lead it); I gain more respect for the president of our seminary every time I am around him. You know how some people refer to seminaries as cemeteries? Well, that's not how it is with WTS. As soon as I saw Dave (the pres.), he wants to know if I've read The Shack, because he thinks it is GREAT, and then he's asking everyone in the circle who they are working with to get them trained for church leadership (and he wanted names). That is one dude committed to what he does. Of course this was all after a big hug and the how-are-ya's and whatnot.

Yesterday morning the lovely lady and I headed south and attended worship with son Isaac at his church The Mercy House. It was our first time to have this opportunity. Nice website if you care to click the link, and a really cool missional church. It was a nice time, and even though the preacher preached an hour, it didn't seem like it at all. I loved being there and felt totally at home - even though we were very likely the oldest people in the building.

In my absence yesterday I had our church watch the dvd of Tony Campolo giving his sermon "It's Friday But Sunday's Coming." It sounded like people liked it.

Last night we had Doug and Anna Molgaard speak at our church. They are missionaries in Sweden, in the midst of forming a missional community there. Doug is from the states but has lived in Sweden for about 15 years, and his lovely wife has a beautiful home-grown Swedish accent. After Doug spoke, showed us some pics, and went off on a mild sermon rant (which was ok by me)... the better-than-I-expected crowd convened to the basement for a meal. We had the privilege of picking their brains further at our favorite spot afterwards - though we were unable to fully introduce them to our friends because for some reason there were actually other people there for a change. Anyway, it was nice to spend an evening with a couple that thinks very much like us. Too bad we live so far apart. Might have to make a trip to Sweden sometime.

Oh, and my Regional Director was in attendance last night. I hadn't talked to him in eons, but he took a boatload of pictures, so I have this funny feeling I may end up in a newsletter or something. I would really rather not, but... whatever.

Anyway, it was a good week; a good day and night yesterday. Though yesterday afternoon when we came home from Isaac's there was a dead cat in the road in front of our house. I got out the shovel and removed it - because the highway dept. apparently doesn't do things like that around here - and it was gross. I don't like doing stuff like that. Now, after being gone two Sundays in a row, and only preaching once in the last five weeks, it is back to business. At least I guess it is. My contract as pastor of this church runs out this week, and I have yet to see a new offer, though I hear one is coming. This is one of those things I haven't been able to talk about lately. Uh... yep.

Peace out, folks; and in.


MR said...

No matter what they offer, hold out for 30% more, and insist on at least a $5,000 re-signing bonus and renovations for the church.

...and a nice headstone for the cat.

Believe me, w/ your company, you were better off sitting where you were, Jerry was being...... Jerry.

dan h. said...

Sounds like either Seinfeld or Office Space, but I can't place it.

And one of the uniqities of my job is that *I* actually have to contribute towards my own salary... so that cat's not gettin' a headstone!

MR said...

Well, I was actually just talking off the top of my head, but you're right, I should be a screenwriter. :D

Someone was driving by and was looking over going "what a nice church! A playground and a pavil...((CLUNK!))" They could at least spring for an urn and a match.

Jim said...

I finished Organic God if you want to borrow it. The book is pretty much full of the kind of stuff she was talking about here. So...since I bought it for you anyway, I thought you might like to read it. I'll send it with Carrie.

dan h. said...

It's about time! (kidding)

So, was it any good?

I have about six other books currently screaming "pick me! pick me!" so there's no hurry. But I would be interested in reading it sometime. Thanks.

Jim said...

I liked it. It's very much like her talks and the three messages she gave are chapters in her book. It's not difficult nor does it take a long time to read - which I appreciated.