Friday, July 25, 2008

Impact: day 2

So, last night Lancelot Link asked if I'd found my pulse. Um... I think I hear something.

I am sitting in the balcony in the dark by myself again. They're giving out awards for Bible Quizzing. But yesterday was actually a quite good day. I had several really nice conversations. Carrie, Jim, George, Brian, Bill, Andrew, Doug, Ben, Lance, and several more. I was percolating with all this, and last night Brian gave me a little booklet written by a mutual friend of ours called Creating Kingdom Outposts. Wow. I just glanced it over when he gave it to me. Then I listened to a band; talked to Jane; and I walked around the corner again and this tall skinny guy was on stage. Just him and a guitar. Every now and then he would walk away from the microphones even; sometimes walk off the stage and sit in front of the few scattered listeners. He sang the simplest of songs - he caught my attention with a Pete Seeger story; he used the simplest of chords and notes. Levi Landis rocked me. Anyway, I went to Carrie's and crashed at 11:30; got up this morning and read Fran's booklet. Wow. Wow. I will be posting from it once I get his permission. So, to answer Lance... yes, a pulse. There are lots of unanswered questions; some things I'm still afraid to put into word form; but... yep.

The band is coming out, so I think I'll join with the others here. More later.

Peace out; and in.

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