Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just so you know

Just so everybody knows... I do not presently use any illegal drugs, nor do I condone their use. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I did. The same goes for abusing drugs - legal or illegal. The truth is, though, even though I know it was stupid to have done so in the past, there are other stupid things people can do too. Just because you've never used or abused drugs doesn't mean you're better than anybody else. It doesn't mean you're worse either.

Every now and then someone will tell me I need to tell more stories about all the bad things I have done (when I preach). I think there are various reasons people want to see someone do this - and some might even be good. I have never liked doing so. For one thing, I think it can be a pride thing to try to boast about how "bad" you used to be. For another... I really wish I had never touched any of it and I don't want to glamorize it in the least. I regret the damage drugs have done to me; and, yes, there is some. I know people who have never so much as tasted a sip of alcohol, and I think that would be awesome. Sure, some people say, "But you can tell people how much God has saved you from; how much He has changed you." And I say He needed to save me and change me even without the drugs - and how much better it would be to have never done them at all.

Anyway... I just wanted to clear that up. Drugs are bad. But maybe not as bad as thinking you're better than somebody else.


MR said...

if you're not on drugs then you've got a lot of explaining to do.

...I just always assumed...

Isaac Horwedel said...

Well said, dad.

MDH, II said...

Well, I could stand up and note some of the odd things I have done, illegal or not. I could announce that I climbed up on a school roof and damaged the crew's caulking supply. There, I did it, yet it doesn't make me better or worse.

dan h. said...



I always wondered who did that. :)