Thursday, July 10, 2008

A prayer

This is a prayer I've been using lately. I've had it taped to my wall for eons. I'm not sure now where I even picked it up. Somewhere. Anyway, I kinda like it. I wish I could memorize it. Maybe I'll print it off and stick it in my pocket.
Almighty God, infinite and eternal, you fill all things with your presence; you are everywhere by your essence and by your power; in heaven by glory, in holy places by your grace and favor, in the hearts of your servants by your Spirit, in the consciences of all people by your testimony and their observation of us. Teach me to walk always in your presence, to fear your majesty, to reverence your wisdom and omniscience; that I may never dare to commit any indecency in your eyes; but that I may with so much care and reverence demean myself that You, my Judge, may not be my accuser but my advocate; that I, expressing the belief of your presence here by careful walking, may feel the effects of it in the participation of eternal glory; through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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