Friday, July 11, 2008

This and that #286

Several things swimming around in my head. I hope none of them drown when Jane leaves me this weekend. Oh, she's coming back. Just a quick trip back home. Then next weekend we're both making the jaunt (with dog). Note - remember to feed Bogie while Jane is gone!

Man, I have had this all-over-my-freakin-body itch for several days now. It started out in one area, then pretty soon I had it somewhere else, and all of a sudden I just itch all over. AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!! I've been taking antihistamines, and I stopped taking the niacin to see if maybe I was having an allergic reaction to that or something. I dunno. Not sure how much longer I can take it. It's hard to think straight. And curved thinking will get you nowhere. My ear has started hurting again too. Grrrr.

Last night we saw someone hit a deer. Actually, the deer ran into the side of their car. They were right in front of us - so another couple of seconds and it would have been running into our car (which has happened before). I didn't even see it until I saw the vehicle swerve, and the deer was hitting the ground with legs a'flailing. Then it started flopping around and I thought it was going to be ugly. But all of a sudden it kinda shook its head... and ran off into the corn field. Of course the couple in the vehicle had a little girl with them who was totally freaking out. So we stopped and assured them that the deer did finally get up and appeared to be ok. It broke the passenger side rearview mirror off - shattering some of the glass inside because the window was down, it also dented the front right fender pretty bad. I was sorry about their car, but I was really glad we didn't have to watch the deer flop around and die. We stayed until they had called the cops and had settled down.

Let me tell you... I do not really like cell phones all that much, even though I do have one, and use it occasionally. But it irritates me to no end how rude some people are with them. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I hate it when you're standing in line at a store or ordering food or something, and someone is talking on the phone. Like, how freakin' important can your call be? If it's that important that you can't call back, then GET OUTTA LINE! But get this... the other morning we were at a McDonald's and the PERSON TAKING OUR ORDER was on the phone. It was actually THE SUPERVISOR. It didn't appear to be work related, and she continued to talk on the phone not only while taking our order, but she was still on it (and talking) the whole time she bagged our order up and when she gave it to us. Unbelievable.

I actually had to write a sermon again this week (though I won't again for the next two weeks), and I had a really hard time. Not because I forgot how (the people in my church might say I never knew how to begin with), but because of the subject matter and the length. We're having a child dedication service Sunday, and I had been preaching from Proverbs this summer, so I was going to preach on Proverbs 22:6 - "train a child in the way they should go..." Also, I wanted to make it short, and add a video into the sermon, because the parents of one of the people are both deaf and they don't attend services normally, so I thought it would be a good time to add some visual imagery instead of just someone moving their mouth. Anyway, it was hard because there is A LOT I would like to say about parenting. And in order to say some of what I want to say I need to offer a lot of explanation, because some of it could be pretty harsh. But I had to cut so much out to fit it into the timeframe, so I don't know. That's the struggle for me with every sermon. It's not how to come up with something to say; it's how to decide what to cut out.

While I'm on a roll... I have actually been surprised at how good this Wednesday Night B.S. is that we're having. It's on Christianity, Cults & Religions. It's nothing but some powerpoint slides on different cults and religions (I think it's from Rose Publishing), and it doesn't go very in-depth at all, but just the basics about what everyone believes about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and what their basic views are of salvation, and death, and whatnot. I totally did not want to do this, but some people asked for it (and they actually attended too - I was surprised!), and it's been pretty good. But the other night I noticed that of the ten or so people that are usually there, we seem to be down to one guy - an older gentleman who comes with his wife (and they live right across the street from the church). I certainly have nothing against women, but I think it does say something about a church that has a shortage of guys interested in discipleship. And what's worse is - there used to be quite a few. But now there aren't. Another one of those things that nags me with the "is it me, or them" question.

Well, I need to finish mowing. I'd like to get me a new pair of running shoes today too. We'll see. Sorry for the long post. And the rants.

Peace out; and in.

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