Monday, July 07, 2008

Welcoming a new pastor

I don't think I've seen this before, but Brian McLaren has the Ten Commandments for Welcoming a New Pastor. I think they're pretty good. Amazing how much of a difference some of them can make.

Every now and then I am reminded of something that's happened over the last nine years since I've been a pastor. Wow. I don't like to even think about a lot of it. Oh, not that it's all been bad. There has been a lot of good too. I don't think too much about the bad or the good though. Usually I'm trying to think about the present and the future. I don't see much point in dwelling on the past. I used to keep pretty extensive notes about events and conversations though... so someday it might be interesting to read back through some of it.


MR said...

considering how long that church has been there, it would be really interesting to hear some of the log entries from the first pastor, or maybe some from the WWII era if they left them behind.

If you leave yours, someday maybe they'll say "let's see what the Pastor wrote on 9/11/2001" or something. Weird to imagine.

dan h. said...

Ooh... I never thought about leaving my notes behind. I wasn't doing it for historical purposes. I was covering my butt, thank you. :)

You can publish them when I'm dead.

MR said...

12/7/41 - Word from Hawaii that U.S. has been attacked, today we prayed for guidance as a nation and the preservation of our young men as this may mean we're joining the war in Europe.

I hate these journals... I just do it to cover my butt.