Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Journal entry - ordination

Yesterday I was throwing out some old books, magazines, newspaper clippings and illustrations I've saved over the years, and I ran across my stash of old journals (I didn't pitch any of them). I still keep a written journal - for the stuff I don't necessarily feel like sharing (I know, some of you think that can't be possible). I didn't read through any of them, but one fell open to an entry on 12-13-1999. This is all it said:
This is the day I took my oral examination for Ordination in the Indiana Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference. I went to the Collamer Church of God in Collamer, IN. There were only four members of the MTO there: _____, _____, _____, and one other guy I can't remember. It went fine and I was unanimously approved for life ordination. I have scheduled the service for March 19th, 2000, at Fairview.

So I guess it really must have happened. About the only things I remember from the service were that Dr. Larry White gave the message, and I believe it was the first time son Isaac and I played guitars together... I sang "Take My Life."


MR said...

This reminds me of something Joan posted a while back.

dan h. said...

Oh, I don't think Joan's office could ever be the pig sty that mine is. It was long overdue for a tidying up.