Thursday, August 07, 2008

Link love

Now that I'm down to about 3 readers there's probably not much point, but here's a couple links I liked:
  • I've pointed to Andrea's poetry before, but I feel the need to again. I don't know who she is, and don't know that she wants to be known, but her writing warms my soul every time I drop in. Her blog is called Sobornost: moments while seeking the path where there is no trail. Really, really good stuff, I think.
  • I've just recently started reading Charlie Wear's blog again too. I used to dig into his Next-Wave ezine regularly, but kinda fell away for awhile. Anyway, he brought to my attention that Greg Laurie's son was recently killed in an accident. I always liked Greg, and actually used to have some people from his church in mine. Charlie has a post "Greg Laurie" with a youtube of Greg speaking at his church the Sunday after his son died. It's worth watching. He also has a nice post called "I Love The Sinner's Prayer." Not exactly what you'd expect from Charlie... which is, of course, exactly what you might expect from him. :)

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