Monday, August 11, 2008

New mic batteries

I put new batteries in the Sure lapel mic yesterday - 8/10/08. The old ones were still ok, but the last time they were changed was 5/26/08.

Also: moved the keyboard on 8/3/08 from on the main floor up to the raised part between main altar area and drum area (where electric guitar and bass used to be). And changed my mic stand so it comes directly out from under the music stand (instead of from the side). I used a black one instead of a chrome one (black one has shorter base). And put small round table beside me (from the wedding). I like this set-up as long as we're the only ones playing. Monitor sound is really good; and I can finally see all the music without having to move around. Not sure what to do if we get more musicians. I like how there is more room up front - especially if we start doing communion stations on each side.

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