Monday, August 18, 2008

Pot cleaner in yellow

Ugh. A long day. Another one of "those" days.

I thought I might organize some files today but instead I found a gallon of vinegar in my office, so I decided to clean the six coffee pots in the church kitchen. I ran a pot of vinegar through each, then two pot-fulls of plain water. Then I washed all the pots and baskets in the sink. Don't ever let anybody tell you that pastoring a church doesn't involve some majorly fulfilling work.

I also cleaned out the fridge in the pavilion. I brought the remaining pop, water, and juice boxes inside. After we're done using the pavilion this season - probably early October - I think we should bring the fridge inside. I think it will fit in the main hallway under one of the coat rack shelves. We'll have to take the coat rack part down, but we can probably live without one. I think it would help to have a fridge in the hallway by the coffee/cookie table. I could be wrong though.

I also did some sermon prep thinking/planning/reading; threw away some mail; and I finished The Tangible Kingdom. Not really in the mood to talk about it. Probably will one of these days.

My dang ear is still bugging me. I can't believe I may have to go back to the doctor AGAIN. It's been bothering me since Christmas, and it's just a wee bit annoying.

I have a yellow shirt on ...again. I don't really even like yellow. Maybe I don't know what I like. The air is heavy.