Friday, August 15, 2008

Tangibly light and virtuous

It's a lazy Friday morning, and me lovely lady and I both have the day off. We slept in until 8:45 and are getting ready for a bacon and egg breakfast. Yum. Some thoughts while my stomach growls...

Last night we rented Marty Scorsese's Rolling Stones movie Shine A Light. We had been looking forward to the release of this movie in theaters. Unfortunately it never made a theater around here. Now we know why. I really liked the Rolling Stones. And their music was good ... um... 20-30 years ago. :) They should have used more concert footage from then, and less from now. Sorry mates, but Mick just cannot sing anymore. We were actually laughing at the intro to Sympathy For The Devil. Even the dog started barking. But... it wasn't all bad. Glad I watched it, and glad I didn't spend $8.50 to see it in the theater too. One of the best parts was after Keith has just greeted Bill Clinton, he turns around and says to Ron Wood: "Sorry Clinton, but I'm bushed." Hehe... get it, "Bush(ed)." Anyway...

I'm almost done with The Tangible Kingdom too. I have underlined quite a bit in this book, and may blog some of it eventually, but overall... it has been mildly disappointing to me. Not that it I disagree with anything in it - I think they are spot on - but I can't say that I've seen anything new. I also have 'attitudinal' issues with it. But, you know, I'm pretty cynical and jaded, so... whatever. One interesting note: they use the term "sojourners" to describe people. I laughed, because 10-11 years ago when I put together a prospectus for the church I was going to plant I used the same exact word, with the same exact meaning, and people laughed at me and told me it was stupid. Hmm. Maybe they were talking about me.

Well, in an attempt to end on a high note here... son Isaac has a new post "The Virtues of Christian Non-Violent Resistance (a first draft)." He is putting together some "virtues for a Christian non-violent revolutionary community." He's got a great list of 15 and is looking for suggestions or additions. Good stuff. I believe he is in Columbus, Ohio (or somewhere) this weekend for a Jesus Radicals conference (or something).

Well, it's eatin time. There's a revolution a brewin'. Peace out, folks; and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

Recently people have been asking me where my middle name comes from. Is it because you think you're jaded? :)

Just kidding! See ya soon!!