Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lawyered up and ready to go

So I guess we have a lawyer now. Last week we finally got to work on getting a will. We have talked about it since the kids were wee little tiny, and I guess now that they're both adults we don't need to worry about who's going to get custody anymore. But since we're landowners now we thought we'd still better get one done. Especially since the land is "in the family." We wouldn't want some schmuck getting a little slice right in the middle of Jane's brothers property.

While we were at the lawyer's we also had two other documents drawn up. One is a... something or other that's supposed to be better than a living will. It gives the other one of us the option to decide what happens if we're in a coma or whatever (rather than having the doctor decide). The other was a power of attorney thing. So... we should be all set to die now, or at least be incapacitated. Boy do I feel better.

Now we need to get to work on filling out the little booklets we got from our church called "Let The Choice Be Mine: A Personal Guide to Planning Your Own Funeral" (www.funeralplanning1.com). It's nothing legal, but just a way to write down your personal wishes regarding what funeral home to use, where to be buried, organ donation, how you want 'disposed of,' type of grave marker, info about your life and for the death certificate, how you would like your funeral to be, where all your insurance and financial records are, and other useful stuff.

I know this all sounds a bit morbid, but I have met too many times with funeral directors and families and, even with the best of funeral directors, there is just a lot that needs to be thought about with not much time to think about it. So the more that can be planned ahead of time, the better it is for everyone involved.

Jane and I have been trying to decide where we would like to be buried, and who we would like to do the service. Anyone want to volunteer to do my funeral service for me? I was kind of thinking I would just have her cremate me and keep me in a coffee can. I don't know, somebody would probably end up drinking me, and I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.

Ok... that's enough for now. Peace.


Tom said...

Me, me, me. I'm already working on the last line.

"And now we bury beneath this grass, a man who..."

I just need to find something that rhymes with grass. Mmmmmm.

dan h. said...

"...even while dead,
can still kick my a**."

MR said...

So you went to "Lawyers, Guns and Money... but MOSTLY Lawyers" and had them draw up documents upon the occassion of your death and the contingency that you are only "MOSTLY dead." Cuz when you're all dead, they just go through your pockets for loose change.

"Mostly" is a very funny word.

dan h. said...

and I hate that feeling when you've been mostly dead all day.

JAH said...

...however if you've only been mostly dead, they will bring you back if you have a noble cause...

Jim said...

You gotta be careful about those coffee cans! c.f., "The Big Lebowski".

MR said...

but he won't bring you back if it's just to blaaaaaave!

Carrie Jade said...

Haha, what a good movie quote stream...you kids.

On a serious note, thanks for doing this!!!!!!! You two are so smart. Just don't plan on kickin the bucket any time soon please.

dan h. said...

Yep, I was kinda thinking the Big Lebowski thing.

I'm a terrible bluffer.

Carrie Jade,
Yes, this room is full of good movie quoters. And don't get too excited... we left everything to 'The Human Fund' (guess what that's from).

Tanks for the comments, folks!

dan h. said...

Oops, I forgot... Jane, dear... I have the noblest of causes. ;)