Saturday, September 13, 2008

Musical instruments

Some of our instruments - not including my Yamaha acoustic guitar with the musicians prayer taped on it that Isaac has (I believe Jane bought me this guitar in the late '80's at a small shop in Peru, IL), or the trombone & trumpet that are in the garage. Click on the pics to enlarge.

This is Jane's piano that she has had since she was in 5th grade (she thinks her parents bought it in 1974). It is a Story & Clark. It was at her parents house, then our house in Buda, then her moms again, and now it's at our house in Indiana.
This is actually a Horwedel violin. It is 3/4 size, and works fine. It was hand-made by my great grandfather - Ross Valentine Horwedel - when he was 18 years old, in 1894, in Vermont, Illinois. I was given his first name as my middle name. My parents had it restored by V. Newell Gates of Spring Valley, IL several years ago and gave it to me for Christmas. It is the only "family thing" I have (other than my childhood dresser that Jane's brother made into a hutch).

This is my Alvarez/Yairi acoustic-electric DY-40C with system 600T electronics (and built in tuner) that I use to lead worship at church. The church bought it for me (well, they paid about half) probably around 2000 or 2001. It was bought at Studio One in Huntington, IN. The autographs are from Tommy Womack ("Hi Dan, God bless.") and Jason Ringenberg ("To Dan: my friend and fellow traveler. Best Always").
This is the Fender Acoustosonic Junior acoustic amp that I use at church (pictured with the Yairi a/e). I bought it at Rosewood Music in Findlay, OH in 1997). A really nice amp.
This is my Yamaha FG411E acoustic/electric guitar that I keep at home. I believe I also got it at Rosewood Music in Finday, OH in 1997. I used to use it to lead worship, but the electronics need some work. (Bogie wanted to be in a picture - he's such a ham).

This is my pink/red Yamaha 4-string bass guitar and Gallien-Krueger bass amp that Graham used for many years at our church (and Isaac before him). I bought it around 1998 from Bob Baratta (who used to own Rosewood Music) in Findlay, OH. Those are some of my office bookshelves in the background.

This is Isaac's red Tradition electric guitar that he used in his first few bands. It has a really nice metal sound. We bought it at Studio One Music in Huntington, IN probably around 2001.

The black metal flake electic guitar is Isaac's Danelectro that he bought in Fort Wayne at Guitar Exchange. I was actually going to buy it (because of the name) but he bought it instead. And now it lives in my house. :)
This Crate amp (with foot pedal) was bought at Studio One in Huntington in 2000, and was Isaac's first amp. It makes a nice practice amp.


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