Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A task from god?

Man, I am so out of touch with the news. I just heard about the Focus on the Family video asking people to pray that it would rain when Obama gave his speech at the Democratic National Convention, and then I stumbled onto the news that Gov. Sarah Palin thinks the Iraq war is a "task from God." What!?! Don't believe me? Here's the youtube, and a news story HERE, and HERE (as well as a bunch of other places). Wow.

Just this morning I was reading in Greg Boyd's book The Myth of A Christian Nation (p. 48-49):
Our battle is "not against flesh and blood" (Eph. 6), whether they are right wing or left wing, gay or straight, pro-choice or pro-life, liberal or conservative, democratic or communist, American or Iraqi. Our battle is against the "cosmic powers" that hold these people, and all people, in bondage. Whatever our own opinions about how the kingdom of the world should run, whatever political or ethical views we may happen to embrace, our one task as kingdom-of-God disciples is to fight FOR people, and the way we do it is by doing exactly what Jesus did. He defeated the cosmic powers of darkness by living a countercultural life characterized by outrageous love and by laying down his life for his enemies. So too, we contribute to the demise of the "power over" principalities that hold people in bondage when we refrain from judgment of others and rather extend grace to them, when we let go of anger toward others and instead "come under" them in loving service.

I know some people think the war in Iraq actually is a way of fighting "for" people. But I think it was Shane Claiborne who said something to the effect... "When Jesus said to love our enemies, I think that included not killing them."

Peace out; and in.


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Okay, just when I was starting to be able to sleep again..... :)

MR said...

Did Dan just say we should conquer the world and make them all Christians so we can get some peace up in here?


Joan B. said...

Wow, what a uniquely powerful passage. Let's just do that.