Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beards and peace and all that

So I was thinking of growing my beard out again. I usually have a bit o' growth each week, 'cause I hate to shave. But I normally get the razor out a couple times a week so I'm presentable at important stuff. However, I've been seein' shots of Gregg Popovich - coach of the San Antonio Spurs - with this wildly long beard.... and I thought it might be time to give it another go, long and scraggly. We'll see.

Anyway, I was trying to find a picture of Gregg's beard on google, and I can't believe they don't have a current picture of a coach in the NBA. But while looking for it, I stumbled onto a coupla wild sites.

One million peace signs is simply awesome. I'm going to have to add my pic to their collection.

And that is where I came across the beards for peace website. Ha! Even more of a reason to grow my beard out - to protest war.

Then I happened onto a pic of good ol' Bob Ross. How many of you used to watch The Joy of Painting? Talk about a 'peaceful, easy feeling.' I LOVED watching his painting show. It was like therapy. Apparently Bob died in 1995 of lymphoma. Too bad, because I think HE would have made a good president.

So... there ya go. Peace out; and in; and even on your face, if you like.


Carrie Jade said...

drew said if you grow your beard out he'll grow his. haha...there would be no contest but maybe a little motivation. i like when you have a beard, for what it's worth. :)

dan h. said...

Ok. On your mark... get set... GROW!

Joan B. said...

I miss Bob Ross' happy little cabins.

Ruth said...

Hi Dan - I found you from around the blogsphere and enjoy reading your ramblings.

I thought I was the only one who loved Bob's painting show. His dreamy melodic voice was so relaxing it just took all my stress away. I think the audience would fall into a trance. And he made it look so easy.

dan h. said...

Yeah... everything was happy, wasn't it. I miss those shows.

Welcome! Thanks for dropping in. It's always nice to meet another Joy of Painting fan. :)