Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is wednesday

My titles are becoming about as creative as the contents of my posts. Sorry. I seem to have a constant brain cloud lately. Must be the weather.

Some random thoughts whilst I try to decide if I want to go see Michelle Obama today or not...
  • I don't think I'll even watch the debate tonight. My mind is made up. I'm fed up with all the bs. The attempted character assassination by the Republicans has really soured me on the whole thing.
  • I really would like to go down to the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne and see Mrs. Obama - even if it's just to watch the crowd - but I have lots to do. Maybe if I can get myself really motivated...
  • I accidentally watched a little bit of the governor's debate last night (Indiana). The woman (whatever her name is) has always rubbed me the wrong way. I happen to like Mitch. I met him in a restaurant once and shook his hand. I didn't know who he was at the time. And I don't know who the Libertarian candidate was at the debate last night.... but he was HILARIOUS. I really liked the guy. I may have to find out his name at least.
  • I hardly ever blog about sports, and I don't know why, because I probably know more about football and basketball than anything else in the world (which isn't saying a lot).
  • I think my two favorite football teams - the University of Illinois and the Dallas Cowboys - both have the same problem right now: a total lack of emotion. It's like they're just going through the motions. Juice Williams is putting up incredible stats, but he seems to lack that intangible drive to win. It's something you can't teach or coach - it's either there or it isn't.
  • I said last week that the Cowboys were overrated. Now they're in a world of hurt with the rash of injuries they've had. Though it might actually do them some good. Tony Romo has loads of talent, but he's been trying to play too "smart." He is not a "smart" type of player. He needs to fly by the seat of his pants... like Brett Favre. Romo has just had no energy whatsoever. I hate seeing him go to the sidelines and just sit there. That's not what got him to where he is. But... he is making big money now. Unfortunately that seems to have changed several of the guys on that team.
  • And I just don't see the Roy Williams trade as helping things out. Sure, Roy has loads of talent, but he's also another one of those majorly pouty type players. It might work for a brief while, but.... just wait.
  • Actually, and I hate to say it, but Terrell Owens is the only player on the Cowboys team that seems to really even care if they win or not. Say what you want about him, but he is a competitor.
  • I wish Pacman Jones well, but I don't think anyone expected him to last. I liked him as a football player though.
  • I'm ready for basketball season to start. Even though the Fighting Illini will still struggle this year, they'll at least be better team-wise than last year. I think they're 2 or 3 years from 'being there' again. If the fans can be patient.
  • I predict the Bulls will suck this year. I don't have any idea what pro basketball team will do well. Oden might play a month before he's hurt again. If he even makes it til the regular season.
  • Okey dokey... my brain is dry.


MR said...

Hey you can't like Mitch, I like Mitch!

...and I want to be the race car!

Mitch Daniels was hired by Ronald Reagan years ago (had to get that in) and his campaign makes some AWESOME commercials:

dan h. said...

I have always liked Mitch - regardless of who hired him. ;)

MR said...

You need to read two "National Reviews" as penance for that comment. :D

Ryan said...

I totally agree with the Republicans doing the character assassination bit. I thought I liked Mccain until I saw some of his ads and the rabble rousing speeches. Now I'm all but set on voting Obama.