Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, monday

Wow, I am finally back online after being without a connection since yesterday afternoon. Apparently something went wrong with my relay that sits on top of the Yoder grain bin. I've felt so isolated and alone all night and morning.

A busy weekend with the parents and both kids visiting; plus the fish fry. It went pretty well.

This morning we noticed a TON of cars going by about 7 or so. I guess there was a bad wreck on highway 1, so traffic was being diverted around through our neck of the woods. I saw the helicopter fly in, and Jane and I went to Fort Wayne later and it was taking off towards the hospital. That's never good. I still haven't heard anything other than it was a head-on collision. I'd say the road was closed for probably 3 or 4 hours. It's open now.

Nothing much else to say at the moment. I was really just checking to see if the internet worked yet.

Peace out; and in.

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