Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday mourning ramble

I'm not really in mourning... but I feel kinda crummy today, and just can't giddy myself up.

I started not feeling well yesterday. My ear is bothering me again (and, NO, it's not because of my freakin earring!), my throat hurts, my eyes are all watery, and just your general gunk like that.

I did finally turn the heat on in the living room and kitchen yesterday afternoon. I think it was colder in the house than it was outside.

I've got some emails, comments, and other messages I need to return. My brain isn't warmed up yet though. If you're waiting on a response from me... hang tight. Well, maybe you better hang loose. I'm thinking about it, but not sure when I'll muster the thought required to respond.

I don't like preaching from week to week. Not that I don't like preaching, but I am not currently in a series, and I don't like getting to Monday and not having any idea what I'm going to preach about on Sunday. Though there is a certain freedom to it that I really do like.

I finally checked out Royal Enfield motorcycles. Yes... very cool. Now I want one.

I am also pondering the purchase of a Gibson electric guitar that was once owned by Warner Hodges. I hate spending money on things like this, but... hmm.

I bought a new hat at AU. It's an AU hat. It's black. One of the nicer hats I have like this. I spent too much money on it. Oh well.

I caved in last night and decided to sing in our church's Christmas Cantata. We had our first practice. I wasn't going to do it this year for a variety of reasons. I was going to run the sound board instead. But we didn't have very many show up, and Jane is the director, so I did. I think that's why my throat hurts this morning. So now we need to find someone to run sound; and some more voices would be nice too, but... whatever.

I have had a few people comment about my not playing guitar and singing up front on Sunday mornings, and someone turned in a note yesterday saying "this better be temporary!" I'm not really sure what to make of that. I think it's been going great, and I wish I had done this years ago. But I suppose it's something like this that will finally get me fired. I'm just not sure I can go back to doing it now. Kinda one of those things that - I didn't realize just how much strain it was putting on me until I no longer did it. But I think there are a number of people who think I am paid to do everything. I should probably address this, but... we'll just have to see.



MR said...

I'm sure they meant it as a compliment to your musical ability that they want to hear you play, rather than an audit of your responsibilities--if I could lend you some optimism there. But you know your congregation better than I do, maybe they're all a-holes for all I know, scrutinizing your every move.

I think we had our first freeze the other night, which ought to help out us allergy sufferers quite a bit. Not that any of your symptoms are related, I just felt like saying that.

Nice pics, by the way, I say go for the beard, but when the inevitable post comes about there being more gray in it this time around I'm going to say I saw it coming a mile away. :D

Carrie Jade said...

Drew will be another voice and I would be more than happy to run the sound board. There - check that off your list. :)

JAH said...

As I said the guitar. :) Thanks for lending your wonderful voice as well.

Jim said...

"I started not feeling well yesterday. My ear is bothering me again (and, NO, it's not because of my freakin earring!), my throat hurts, my eyes are all watery, and just your general gunk like that."

Allergies? Just thinking out loud.

dan h. said...

Yeah... I'm not really worried about repercussions. They weren't being an a-hole. But stranger things have happened.

I was actually counting Drew as a voice. And I did wonder if you could run sound. Though I'm not sure why either of the other two sound guys can't, but... thanks for volunteering! :)

Well, I will lend my voice... but I'm withholding my wonderful one. ;)

You're probably right. Either that or just a cold. I take allergy medicine year-round. Some times it's worse than others.

Thanks for the comments, folks.